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Wireless Crane Camera - Focus on Safety

Working with a crane is dangerous even with the best gear and a well-trained crew. Safety on the job is always a concern.

Details of a new wireless surveillance camera designed to be mounted anywhere along the crane boom or on the hook block with the use of magnets and a safety lanyard have recently been released by GM Engineering Services. They've named the camera system HoistCam. Because the camera is not permanently affixed, it can be unattached and reattached as needed and where needed in a timely manner.

Often, when loading or unloading a vessel, the crane operator is lifting deep in a hold or is otherwise out of the line of vision, working with the aid of a signalman or with a permanently set camera system operated with a joystick. With HoistCam, the operator views a screen from inside the cab without using a joystick. In essence, the operator sees what the moving hook block, for example, "sees."

Crane lift accidents involving poor visibility are not uncommon. Damage incurred is usually to the vessel hull or to cargo, and this is bad enough, but even one human injury or fatality is one too many. The HoistCam trials and demonstrations I've seen show safety and efficiency benefits in shipping and tugboat work; it's not difficult to imagine how this type of visual aid might be used for safer fishing operations.

Verdicts & Settlements
  • Aviation Accident – 2.8 million dollar settlement
    Wrongful death claims
  • Marine Construction Accident - $ 1,000,000 Settlement
    Wrongful Death Claim
  • Fish Processor Back Injuries - One Million Dollar Settlement
    A fall down a factory trawler’s defective stairs resulted in permanent back injuries for Fish Processor.
  • Failure to Provide Maintenance and Cure - $1.6 million
    An engineer aboard an Alaska fish processor injured his back while lifting a heavy sheet of metal. The employer denied his maintenance and cure despite medical opinions recommending further treatment.
  • Brain Injury - Tugboat Deckhand $3.5 million
    Deckhand injured on barge when three-foot-long pipe fell from tip of crane, striking crewman in head. Fractured skull, balance disorder, seizures, blowout fractures of eye... Jones Act Settlement.
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Jones Act Injury Claims

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